Five trends that will feature predominantly in the event industry’s future

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Change is imperative as far as remaining relevant in any industry is concerned. No wonder companies are increasingly interested in discerning what direction their related industries will take soon. They make predictions based on past data and success levels of certain techniques. The events industry too is highly interested in the dynamics of event preparation and success. If you are in the events industry, here are five terms you have probably come across. They are not just terms but trends of the near future, which you should take seriously and analyze religiously.

Big Data: We all know that data collected but improperly analyzed is not of much benefit. Big Data breathes new life into the old ways of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. It outlines the most efficient means of repeatedly scanning data collected for strong points and determining how data collected can get exploited in the best manner possible.

Unconference: It is more or less like a public gathering. Also called, ‘Birds of a feather session’ or ‘Barcamp’, unconference is attendance driven. The whole idea is having as many people sharing the same belief in attendance. Everyone gets treated equally and gets allowed to participate freely. Many, however, are skeptical about this kind of arrangement arguing it has no clear agenda hence possibly there are no precise results.

Active delegate participation: The need to have feedback increases by the day. Shortly, we will see more delegate interactions and commentaries. It is no longer about the organizer’s theme. People are going as far as having online discussions after the events. It is no longer about, making comments and giving suggestions. People are now actively involved, and they are giving meaningful opinions.

Virtual conferencing: In line with the above, majority of the meetings will soon get held entirely online. While that minimizes personal interaction, it saves significantly on time and resources. Can you imagine a situation where your next meeting is just a click away, what a hassle-free world? The only charges you would have to encounter will most likely be internet costs. Right now, most events focus on Social Media interactions, which take place after the events. Soon, the events will get held online all thanks to webcasts and video streaming technologies.

gamification word conferenceGamification: Why not bring some healthy play to the workplace? Gamification provides a platform where quizzes get prepared in a gamely manner. The technique is still in diapers, but soon it will be a household name in the events industry. It will no doubt captivate many people and increase the number of attendees, once it gets fully integrated into the current way of doing things.


With a whole list of stuff that will rock the events industry soon, you are good to go. To get the best out of them, it is now upon you to determine a suitable mix or use one strategy exhaustively. In so doing, you will without a doubt, improve attendance. Remember, trends keep on changing so keep yourself updated with information from the internet or other social forums involving the events industry.